I tried "Let's change the password programmatically" with HCL Nomad.

This blog is translation of "https://guylocke.blogspot.com/2020/03/nomad.html".

I blogged "Let's change the password programmatically".
Ono-san of HCL Master, he challenged it, unfortunately he didn't seem to success it.

But I don't never give up!
So, I tried "change the password" with HCL Nomad.

It was struggling to select ID file.
because, smartphone or tablet is difficult to operate folders.

So, I thought about where "ID file folder" would be.

Usually, Notes data directory or user id information is stored in notes.ini.

It is stored up user ID information is "KeyFileName", data directory information is "Direcotry".

To get the value of an environment variable, see:
Dim session         As New NotesSession
Dim strDataDirecoty As     String
Dim strKeyFileName  As     String

strDataDirecoty = session.GetEnvironmentValue( "Direcoty", True )
strKeyFileName  = session.GetEnvironmentValue( "KeyFileName", True )

The execution results is below.
Execution result on Android

Great! I was able to get the value.

The value of 'KeyFileName' was 'user.id'.
After that, it connects these two with "/", it is the full path of the ID file.

I introduced by https://guylocke.blogspot.com/2020/03/nomad.html sample code.
It replaces the part of getting the ID file path, and it is done.
It is so easy.

The execution result is below.

Input password on HCL Nomad

Enter the old and new password and tap [OK] ...


It looks like to successfully changed your password!
By the way, let's checks that It created the document on the Notes DB.

View in the Notes Application

It was created the document that stored password.

That’s all. Thank you for reading.

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